Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shoprite, Stop & Shop, CVS, Ulta!

Wow.. So I have not been around for almost a month now.  I have to say life has been ridiculously hectic.  We're still behind on a lot of things right now but we're slowly catching up. 

Sad news.  Piper, our puppy, is with a new family; reasons of which I do not want to go into however, it had to be.

To the good stuff!!!

First stop of the day is Shoprite!!!!!  This also includes Stop & Shop.  I had to split it into 3 pictures:

8 Sargento cheese!  5 lbs of yams!  Corn Starch, 14 pound Turkey, French's fried onions, veggies, miracle whip, cinnamon rolls, and sliced cheese just to name a few things!

2 loafs of bread, few pounds of apple, asparagus, carrots, celery, air wick candles, bananas, formula, Hood milk, grapes!

Overall I spent $ 141.11 which $$ off my next order and saaaved $194!!

CVS & Ulta:

The brush is from Ulta.  It is a $20.00 brush that I paid $6.00 for :)

The rest I paid $5.11 for with $8.00 in Extra Care Bucks

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